BMC-110 horizontal machining center


bmc 110t2

Machine designe

The most important feature of the machine’s structural design is that X – sense movement  is executed by the table constituting one single unit with the rotary table. All other movements  in any direction are performed by the main spindle. This is the so-called  travelling-column design. The headstock built in the column, together with the latter, accomplishes the drilling-like movements as Z (W) axis as well as the vertical movement on Y axis.

The column rests on the Z machine bed and travels on the Z-axis guideways. The workpiece in its full mass performs  the movement in X direction with B axis on the rotary table. The X slide  in its full mass together with the rotary table and workpiece rests  on X bed  and quideways, resp. over the entire stroke length ensuring workpiece stability even at maximum load. This constructional design  makes possible that  the work table be exposed to higher loads, setting up workpieces bigger than  the table on it and to rotate them into machining position.


Standard Design

  • All main assemblies made of cast-iron, so-called box-guideway
  • Main spindle design  to  tool  clamping ISO 50 DIN,
  • Tool clamping, draw-in bolt MAS II BT 50 x30pcs)
  • Main spindle cooling (oil cooling unit),
  • Through-the-spindle cooling (15bar)
  • Low pressure, round-the-spindle coolant system,
  • Quill (W axis motion) ( drilling spindle support L=250mm)
  • Back gear, 2-stage gear box, low-high speeds, automatic speed range selection,
  • X/Y/Z-axis measurement by means of rules, (standard),
  • Continuous rotary table, B-axis, (with backlash-free worm-worm gear drive)
  • Guideway protection along X-, Z-axis with sliding cover,
  • ATC – Automatic tool changer with tool magazine, 60 tool pockets
  • Hydralic system (tool clamping, table clamping, hydraulic counterweight, etc.),
  • Central slide lubrication system,
  • Electric cabinet, enclosed design
  • Transformer, 55KVA (415V, 50/60Hz, 3-phase,)
  • Air-conditioning for electric cabinet
  • Workpiece lighting,
  • Rotatable control panel,
  • Chip disposal round he table,
  • Chip conveyor and chip- collector cart,
  • Coolant cleansing and controlling unit
  • Actuating electronics: FANUC package, (control drive electronics, main and feed motors with integrated measuring system),
  • Control system FANUC 0iMF, number of controlled axes: 5, (number of simultaneously controlled axes: 4),
  • Technological support, MANUAL GUIDE,
  • Rigid tapping,
  • Remote FANUC handwheel (MPG) for  workpiece setting
  • Data input: Ethernet, USB, SRAM card connection,
  • Manual , mechanical and electrical documentation,
  • Foundation items, hand-tools for commissioning,
  • CE-conform machine design, certificate

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