EGP 100/400NC mantel grinder




The machine bed is a specially ribbed unit. The piping system runs through the whole length of the machine bed. The sliding surfaces are hand-milled to ensure high precision and perfect fit on the joining surfaces. Structural design guarantees rigidity and high load capacity. Screwing deformation has been minimized, ensuring maximum productivity and maximum geometric precision. The wires have a W profile. High running accuracy and rigid design ensure excellent grinding parameters. The spindle is mounted in a cartridge case that protects the bearings and makes maintenance easy.

The spindle has high running accuracy, its bearing is vibration free, axial and radial bearings have excellent running accuracy. Bearing life with grease lubrication ensures long lasting performance. Spindle impact is less than 1 micron.


  • Cross slide way : V profile on both sides
  • Longitudinal slide way: V profile on both sides
  • Cross-movement - automatic (AC Motor)
  • Longitudinal movement - hydraulic piston
  • Automatic Vertical Infeed
  • CNC control - with grinding cycles,
  • MPG Handwheel with 1mm-25mm incremental adjustment
  • Automatic central lubrication system
  • Workplace lighting
  • Housing system
  • Hydraulic - lubrication system (Separated Placement)



  • Grinding wheel (92A 36H 10V / D510x50XD127)
  • Grinding wheel extractor
  • Stone balancing axis
  • Stone catch shaft
  • Stone fastening flange (5 ")
  • Stone sharpener Unit Standard Design (Table Mount)
  • Splash - refrigerant - protection elements
  • Toolbox with tools
  • Primary items
  • Handling and maintenance instructions
  • Cross ballscrew
  • Vertical ballscrew
  • Cross-grinding function
  • Cross directional stroke adjustment with electric contact sensor
  • Automatic infeed function - Y axis NC - 0.001 to 0.03 mm
  • Top-mounted stone handler, un. dressing unit with automatic size compensation
  • Spindle Motor Invertor
  • According to CE
  • Workplace lighting - Led lamp
  • Cooling water treatment with magnetic separation
  • Coolant system with automatic filter paper step and magnetic separator

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