Ultrasonic material testing





This technology can be suitably applied for immersion-type tests where workpieces are tested while immersed in liquid.










The serving unit consists of the following 6 main parts:


  • Conveyor - leading–in area
  • with  the function of arranging and forwarding workpieces to the testing basin.
  • Overhead robot system
  • with the function of lifting and moving workpieces to the testing basin, lift out and place them onto the conveyor track.
  • Probe actuating system
  • with the function of moving probes (measuring heads) according to previously defined coordinates and speeds, resp.
  • Drying unit
  • with the  function of removing water that might have come upon the king pin during the test consisting of air-spraying/blow, infrared-drying and wiper brushing units.
  • Conveyor - delivery area
  • with the function of sorting and conveying workpieces to the packing area.
  • Control system
  • with the function of running and actuating the system, i.e.: guiding the conveyor lines, actuating the robot arm, actuating the measuring heads, opereating the drying unit, separating waste products (scrap),recording measuring results.